The Office of Student Counseling & Development provides confidential, short-term, personal counseling to the graduate, medical, and physician assistant students in the College of Medicine.  For long-term counseling, students    will receive referral assistance to local providers.  Additionally, referrals can be expedited for psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluation services.



1. To request a counseling appointment, please send an email to Dr. Dede with the following information:

  • Your name and student status (e.g., MS1)
  • Your availability for the entire week (e.g., Monday-Friday, 10:00-4:00 and after 5:00 for clinical students)
  • Specify the urgency of your request (e.g., same day, this week, next week)
  • If a reply is not sent within one business day, please resend your email or call the Office of Educational Affairs at 352-273-7925

2.  Students needing to be seen immediately are to contact one of the following walk-in resources:

  • Emergency Room, 911
  • Counseling and Wellness Center, 352-392-1575
  • Crisis and Emergency Resource Center, 352-392-1575
  • U Matter We Care, 352-294-2273



1.  Emergency, 911

2.  Counseling & Wellness Center, 352-392-1575

3.  U Matter We Care, 352-294-2273

4.  Student Health Care Center, 352-392-1161

5.  Alachua County Crisis Center, 352-264-6789

6.  TrevorLifeline, 866-488-7386

7.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-TALK (8255)


Please view this graphic for more information on the resources available to you.


Confidentiality is maintained barring when disclosure is required by law (e.g., danger to self, others, suspicion of abuse of children, the elderly or disabled). This information is not included in the official student records, nor is it disclosed to the administration, faculty or any licensing board without the student’s written consent.


Students are encouraged to maintain their own personal health throughout medical school. This includes their dental, mental and/or physical health. Ideally, students will make every effort to schedule these appointments at dates/times that do not conflict with required education activities. When this is not possible, students must submit their request for an excused absence to the relevant course/clerkship director(s). Upon approval, the director will notify the student of makeup requirements and due date, if appropriate. Additionally, students will not be penalized for absence from class or other scheduled academic activities for medical reasons. This applies to absences for acute illnesses as well as to absences due to regularly scheduled ongoing treatment for dental, mental or physical health. For any questions and/or concerns regarding this policy, students are to consult the Associate Dean for Medical Education or Student Affairs.

UFCOM, Policies and Procedures, page 29